Watch Party

How to Invite People to NewChurch LIVE at your Home, Dorm or Flat

Watch Party

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Have you every thought about the ways that NewChurch LIVE could bring community to your life?  One exciting and simple way is hosting a Watch Party.  A Watch Party is when you invite some people over to your house, apartment, or flat to watch a NewChurch LIVE experience with you.  Here are three simple steps to host your own watch party

  1. Invite a few people over 30 minutes before the experience you will be watching – friends, co-workers, neighbors, or family.
  2. Connect your computer to the TV/projector and to the sound system and select a video (see Get Connected).  Setup a comfortable viewing area.  It might just be moving your computer to the right location.
  3. Prepare some food and drink – Coffee, snacks, or maybe even have dinner together.

Sound easy?  It is.  Then you can be prepared to talk about what you just experienced.  It is a great opportunity to use what God is doing at NewChurch LIVE to build connections where you live.  Go for it! …and tell us your experience.